From Michael Miano, Pastor of The Blue Point Bible Church

As Pastor of The Blue Point Bible Church, I am always on the lookout for a simple enough yet concise and comprehesive resource to help others understand our views on Fulfilled Eschatology. Sure enough, in his book, Fulfilled Eschatology, Mr. Tim Liwanag delivers exactly that.   >> Full review here

From Jason Watt, Guitarist for Blame the Outsider and One Day Closer

The Preterist movement as a whole is not very big, and the number of Full Preterists are fewer than our Partial Preterist counterparts. Nevertheless, this has not stopped Full Preterists from taking the initiative to spread our message around the globe, and now, for the first time, a Filipino Full Preterist author, Tim Liwanag, has added what may arguably be one of the most beneficial tools the Preterist movement has had in decades: Fulfilled Eschatology.  >> Full review here