A an evangelical Christian first, and preterist in my view of eschatology second, I, like many of you, have read many works from numerous authors of differing ecclesiastical backgrounds pertaining to the subject of this book. I'm writing this testimonial on the eve of Thanksgiving 2014! Of course some of the works have been excellent and very helpful while others were as politely as I can put it, painfully deficient. This book that you are about to read will absolutely help you understand God's plan and purpose for salvation of the new man in Christ who can only find perfection through Christ. This New Man in Christ as Mr. Tim Liwanag explains in his book was fully revealed in the first century as a result of both comings of Christ. The Parousia has been accomplished just as Jesus and His disciples said it would! That fulfillment need not be doubted, or skeptically awaited for by the Church today. We now live in a time where we do not have to go outside the church to find those who will say that Jesus was mistaken about or just flat out wrong in regards to His own second coming! Tim corrects this faulty eschatological assumption! In this book Tim offers a rational apologetic to combat the disenchanted futurist exemplar. Most people are familiar with the expression, "You can count on one hand the amount of true friends a person has." Luckily, I am one who has a good number of friends some I have known for many years, and some that I have not known for very long. I have been a friend of his through Facebook and a follower of his articles in Allyn Morton's TFCmagazine for a while now where I have been blessed with engaging in interaction with him on various topics. Your author Tim Liwanag is one that I take delight and proudly call a friend. Tim as a recent and new friend is a true friend of mine. He will personally dialog with you in private messages and answer any questions you may pose pro or con to his understanding of scripture. I have learned this firsthand as a result because he believes that "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Tim.3:16). He upholds the deity of Jesus Christ as the Lord God manifested in the flesh (1 Tim.3:16; Lk.1:68). Something that I am a stickler on! There are however points that I may and do not agree or see eye to eye with Tim on but I will listen to each and every one of them because he has a lot of good knowledge to impart to those who want to have a Berean heart! Brother Tim Liwanag pulls no punches in his book. I believe that if the reader can put aside preconceived ideas and take this book as an overall explanation, and statement of the parousia of Jesus as being accomplished, then they might be able to grasp the information. It is now Thanksgiving morning in America and I must say that I am thankful that I have such a friend as Tim Pagaduan Liwanag who has such a love for the Lord as to write this book and promote the truth of fulfilled eschatology.

Joe Daniels
Five-time WWA (World Wrestling Alliance) Heavyweight Champion